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On, we would like to have a close relationship with professionals, individuals, who agree to share their knowledge with our members, readers and visitors.

We are changing our format, from news to content rich website and are currently looking for authors. We understand and value the power of people's ideas, more so if they are experts in the currency field. If you have something to say about Forex Market, or if you’d like to share some of your knowledge with our visitors, please contact us.

Each published article includes information about the author, author's photo or project's/company logo and a link to the author's web site.

Your content posted on will drive free traffic to your site and enhance your bottom line this way. The credit is yours, the traffic is also yours, our readers always win with your good content.

It is very simple and free:

  • We publish your work, experiences and knowledge as a Financial expert as per your instructions (be it partial or total publication exposure), or you do it yourself via a site's content backend.

  • Our readers learn from the publications about your professional or personal trading/investing knowledge and contact us and you directly.

When we create an account to login backend, you have an opportunity to create a listing of your company or projects in the directory, create your own personal or Multi-user forex blogs where all the experts of your company can participate, and not just you alone.

In Blogs you can write educational and research articles, press releases, create video and audio podcasts, upload files and images. There is a convenient File Manager to store files and images used in the articles. There, you can have access to the files of other experts in your company through the same admin interface, thus excluding duplication of the information, and also helping you to share your work and the work of other colleagues in your group.

You can also add and manage new users with different rights under your profile.

In the near future the quantity and quality of experts will grow. We ask you to be one of the first.

We are open for your questions and dialogue and appreciate your efforts.

Thank you! team

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