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Advertise with us. offers creative and flexible advertising programs to suit specific budgets and marketing needs. Advertising opportunities range from 125x125, 275x125, 300x250, 240x400, 970x70 banners to targeted sponsored links and text information on home page, news, headlines and charts pages, and on special additional pages, unique for each advertiser - you can link your banners directly to your site or to this "landing" page on with more direct links and additional information about your company . Whatever your product or marketing strategy, we offer numerous ways to connect your message with our users.

Our banner ads, with their highly competitive rates, provide excellent value at each level. Take a look at the table below for our exceptional rates on forex-related advertising.

Banner ad campaigns provide a simple and cost-effective way to increase brand awareness and visibility while driving traffic to your site.

Plus, you can submit more than one ad at a time. You can rotate different ads within your purchased position, or you can switch out your creative month to month - all at no additional cost. Your campaign stays fresh and dynamic! We accept .gif, .jpeg, .png, .swf.

* We reserve the rights to change our rules after 1 month notice, published on this page at our own direction.

Rates are available for registered users only.

  #   Size  Coverage  Availability  Minimum  2Q 2008 3Q 2008
Home page
A1 125 x 125  Home page only. Fixed position. + ask ask ask
Other pages
B1 970 x 70 * 100% pages, on the top. It should be text banner (see examples realtime on our site). One 140x70 logo on the right is possible.

If you want to rotate 100% graphics banner - add $2CPM
+ ask ask ask
B2 125 x 125  100% pages, on the right. Best position. Not available on the home page. + ask ask ask
B3 275 x 125 100% pages, on the right. Best position. Not available on the home page. + ask ask ask
B4 300 x 250 Not available on all pages. ? ask ask ask
B5 240 x 400 Not available on all pages. ? ask ask ask
Chart pages
C1 300 x 34
or text/URL
Chart pages only, on top of the chart - text/URL or graphics banner.
Fixed position. One slot only.
+ ask ask ask
One time payment discounts
> $5000 - 10%  
> $10000 - 15%
> $15000 - 20%
> $20000 - 25%
other ask

If you have questions or would like to order advertising, please contact us.

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